Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Proof that I am human... family has had thie recipe for a while and I remember my mom making it when I was younger.
There was a time...oh, i'd say about 8 to 10 years ago when I came across the recipe and thought...
I want to make these again! I haven't had them forever.
So...I pulled out my NEW pampered chef baking stone...
(because I was SOLD on them....and I had just bought the bar pan!)
I made them and put them in the oven and anxiously awaited the 25 minutes!

Well...25 minutes came and went and after an addition 10 minutes...and the top getting REALLY brown
I took them out of the oven and allowed them to cool a bit.
Being overly excited...I started cutting into them.
As I did...I discovered that they were SO.NOT.DONE!
Now...please remember
it had been about an hour.
And I thought these stones were supposed to be PERFECT!
All I can say is...I LOST IT!
I started saying things. .
(what's that other word for poop?)
I made a mess of the congo squares with the spatula.
At this dad came in the room.
(his ears perked up when he heard me saying stuff like *crap*)
He asked me what I was doing...
why I was doing it..
you know, being a concerned parent.
About that time, my brother and sister were downstairs and they heard my dad and me *fighting*
(we really weren't fighting.)
So, they turned off the t.v. and were standing at the bottom of the stairs listening!
Anyway, you get the point...they didn't turn out.
I have never had the desire to make them again.
Until today.
I guess I have been filled with a false sense of hope.
I have been baking for 3 months now and everybody that has tried my desserts have really liked them.
So I starting thinking things like... "I'll try these!" "I think i'm ready!" "What's the worst that could happen?"
Well...I mixed everything together.
I poured them into the pan..(a different on this time)
And this is what happened!

I called my sister. (yes, the same one)
And sent her this picture..
Her response? "Oh boy."
I can feel my stomach starting to turn with anger.
I am taking a deep breath.
What to do?
I can either bake it like that or do another half batch.
Well, I need the whole sheet for neighbor gifts.
So.....I make another half batch.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that these are NOT the same!
I have NO IDEA what has happened.
I did EXACTLY half the recipe...(except the do you half an egg?)
My self esteem is starting to dwindle...
becoming taken over by anger.
I figure at this's probably going to be *crap* anyway..let's just cook it!

Some really, REALLY funky things going on with this.
I have no idea...I just know that I have to make another batch.
And I just give up.
Maybe having kids has calmed me down a bit...
broken my to say.
I did decide that I would still post this so that you know all the OTHER recipes that I have posted
really are possible to make...
even if you sometimes struggle,
like I do.
*Stay tuned for a follow up story and recipe!*

***Also, I now know how to half an egg! Thanks Google!


  1. Ah, the perils of baking ~ thanks for's a learning experience, isn't it? I would love to know how you 'halve' an egg! Ü

  2. I'm sorry they didn't turn out! So frustrating, I know! But...a very funny post :)
    I think we all have our cooking "nemesis". Mine is Jell-O...and gravy...and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies...I'll stop now.

  3. Lets re-visit D-day if you will.
    It all started about 8 or 10 years ago...a day never to be forgotten at the Travis household. I remember this day since I was an innocent bystander to the whole (joyful) event! I heard every foul word that came out of my older sisters mouth and I felt like I needed to wash my mouth out with soap. Yikes!! One of my most favorite parts of this story that KC left out was when she finally left the room and my dad put the pan back in the oven to cook the Congo Squares longer...after a few minutes he asked me to take a look at them and asked if I thought they were done and I responded by saying...I'm not sure we should have KC check them!! Classic! Needless to say anytime we have a recipe go bad due to preparer's error or "pampered chef bar pan" error we call it a Congo Squares moment. I'm so proud of KC for her continued efforts with this recipe...and by George I think you've got it!

  4. The question is... did they taste good?

  5. You ask, "Does it look good?" My answer, It looks interesting and I think you should cut those suckers up and give to your neighbors!
    We all have had our Congo Squares moment with cooking. And KC....I've always known you were human. ;D


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