Monday, November 2, 2009

Snicker Cookies

So, my friend Tifany told me about these cookies
and I knew that I HAD to try them!
I love Snickers.
In fact, that is about the only candy bar I DO like!
And yes, they are good.
So, go ahead and try them out
and then let me know what you think!


2 sticks butter, softened
1 c. light brown sugar
1 c. sugar
1 cup creamy peanut butter
2 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
3 1/2 cups sifted flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
2 13 oz bags of mini snickers

Combine butter, peanut butter and sugars until light and fluffy.
Slowly add eggs and vanilla, making sure they are well combined.
Mix the dry ingredients together and then add to butter mixture.
Set aside and chill for 2 to 3 hours.
Preheat oven to 300*

Divide the dough into 1 tablespoon pieces and flatten.
Place snickers in the center of the dough and form a ball around
the snickers. Make sure that the snickers are covered.

Place on a greased cookie sheet.
Bake for 18 to 20 minutes.
Make sure that you check the cookies..probably around 15 minutes.
I probably had too much
dough on my cookies,
because they took FOREVER to flatten.
(The original recipe called for 12 minutes...I changed that!)
The temperature is low to prevent the caramel from OOZING out of the cookie.
Cool on a cookie rack.

So good, and my friends that I shared them with really liked them!

And I did too!


  1. These have been my favorite so far! Yummy delicious!!

  2. What a great idea for leftover Halloween candy! (although this is one of the candies that got eaten up first!) :) These look absolutely delicious! (so does that button on your sidebar! hee hee - thanks KC!)

  3. I get these every time we go to Taggart's FAVORITE! Now thanks to you, I can have them any time Ü

  4. My husband loves Snickers...I'll have to give these cookies a try!

  5. I had fun exploring your blog today! I especially love this cookie idea! Welcome to The Hive!

  6. Putting candy inside a cookie? Genius! I'll have to try this one. Thanks.

  7. I'm making these after searching online for cookies using Snicker bars. I'm using the full size bars & cutting them into smaller pieces for this recipe. I think these will go great with our other Christmas cookies & drinks. I will let you know how they turn out! Thanks so much for posting :) :)

  8. I used the full size Snicker bars cut into the same size pieces (since I that's all I had on hand) they came out wonderful!! My husband LOVES them - so do the kids =)



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