Friday, January 22, 2010

Let's talk

Ok, so here's the deal!
I have reached 10,000 HITS!
I can't believe it!
ESPECIALLY since I've only started this in September!
It's been CRAZY.
I've been baking away, sharing the wealth...sometimes!
But, mostly, i've been baking away.
The last 2 recipes I have made, and have yet to post,
well, let's be honest,
they kicked my butt!
They didn't turn out!
They were recipes that I got out of a magazine.
You know, the ones that look
and then you rip them out of the magazine
with the hopes that they will taste as good as they look.
Well...they didn't!
It kinda put me in a slump.
With that said...I think i'm taking a break.
Just a week.
I'm in the process of updating my blog...
getting it designed to be all "cutsie!"
more appealing to readers.
(just in case the treats weren't working!)
I'm going to have a give away!
Something that I bought when I started this blog and that I ABSOLUTELY love!
It's just a little something from me to readers.
The ones that leave me nice comments about my dessert, and pictures,
and couch in the background!
Please don't give up on me!
It'll be worth it...
I may just be adding a new "COURSE"
to this little dessert blog too!
So, check back
Thanks for being understanding!


  1. Wow, KC! 10,000 hits is a lot in such a short time! Good for you! Sorry about the butt kicking that went on at your house.

  2. Wow, make this 10,0002! I really enjoy your blog

  3. WOW! 10,000 you are amazing and so is the yummy treats. I made your smores for a family party and everyone LOVED them. Keep up the good work..
    Luv ya Pooky

  4. YAY for you!Allison had a link on her facebook page to your blog a while back and I checked it out, I have been in love with your yumminess every since :)I have made a few of your recipes, I love treats so it's fun to go look on your blog and not have to think about what yummy treat to make , I just make what you have posted!Cant wait to see all the other fun stuff you are starting!


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